Le LIM rappresentano un grande aiuto e supporto ai processi di insegnamento (e apprendimento)

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  • Durata: 01:00 Ore
  • Indirizzo: Nola, NA, Italia (Mappa)
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The online course on the didactic use of the IWB is recognized by the MIUR and allows the teacher to have full mastery of the tool for teaching and exhibition purposes, combining teaching methodology, practice of using the IWB tools and concrete proposals for integration into classroom lessons .

At the end of the IWB course, the positive effects deriving from the correct use of this tool in the context of learning will be evident.

The IWB certification for teachers guarantees an educational growth useful for teaching in the classroom and a score in the ranking for the purpose of updating the teaching rankings.

Teachers, from schools of all levels, who want to deepen their knowledge of the IWB tool through the use of its functions for educational purposes and want to certify their skills.

Trainers and educators who want to make the most of the potential offered by the IWB in education and training, creating multimedia and interactive activities, to achieve training in step with the times.

Operators in the field of communication, who want to acquire those specific technical skills in the use of the IWB that allow for the creation of captivating, effective and winning presentations.